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Investment Solutions

Why alternative solutions, So much choice out there.

Fixed deposits, endowments, unit trusts, or life policies? We’re offered numerous investment options by many institutions and all question if we’re making the right decisions with our hard-earned savings. We know that we need long-term growth that surpasses inflation and that it’s prudent to diversify our portfolio. It can be difficult to do this in a rapidly expanding world, within an ever-changing global financial marketplace.

Niche offering

Alternative assets (out-of-the-ordinary assets)

Our offerings may sometimes include assets that don’t fall into one of the three conventional asset classes (equities, bonds or cash). We use traditional assets in different ways and include assets such as high-quality credit, hedge funds and commodities. Alternative assets were historically the sole domain of institutions but are now more widely available. The appeal of these assets has always been their low correlation to traditional asset returns. By combining traditional with alternative assets, investors can receive better risk adjusted returns over time.

Capital guarantees

(protecting downside risk)

Capital protection features are applied to many of our investment solutions to manage risk by protecting capital under adverse market conditions. Protection against large losses over time can contribute to your peace of mind, the stability of your portfolio, and the positive compounding of your returns. These guarantees can either be overlaid into or incorporated within a solution — and funds are available against these guaranteed products at short notice.

Efficient structure

Our alternative investment solutions are provided in the way of a performance linked investment account (PLIA). Cash will be deposited into the account, and we provide you with a return linked to the reference assets you’ve chosen. A PLIA is structured in a transparent, flexible and also a cost-effective way to meet your unique financial goals.

Access to funds

In the event of short-term cash flow needs, you can borrow against your investment without compromising your longer-term return objectives and without incurring breakage fees.

Changing investor trends towards alternatives

The disruption and regulatory changes following the 2008 – 2009 global financial meltdown caused investors to adjust their behavior. They began looking for new ways to achieve growth and better methods to protect their capital in case of another market crash. One of these options was to invest in alternatives. Hamilton and Jacobs is an established niche provider of various investment solutions. Global tendencies suggest that 15% – 30% of your portfolio should be allocated to alternatives, also it is estimated that 22% (i.e. US$22.7trillion) of all global assets under management will be allocated to alternative assets by the year 2020.

Alternative assets give uncorrelated, less volatile returns

Alternative assets fall outside of the thinking of the traditional asset classes of equities, bonds and cash. Traditional assets are used differently within alternative investments and their returns are uncorrelated to market performance. Alternative assets including hedge funds (which use financial tools to protect investors from loss of capital). Alternative asset returns are therefore “smoother”.

Outsourcing Programs

Investment management outsourcing offers many different benefits for the financial advisory practice. But, what do clients think of their advisor’s decision to outsource?

How clients respond to the news and the changes that result from outsourcing is the focus of Hamilton and Jacobs Investment’s third biennial study on financial advisors’ improving adoption of investment management outsourcing. Also in the research: advisors’ views on the impact outsourcing has on their business and an updated look at advisors who are not outsourcing and their rationale.

 For a full research report on our outsourcing programs please contact us.

Market Research

Accurate, Timely Intelligence

Every business needs intelligence and rigorous insights to help you speed up decision lead times and give you the chance to launch, buy, sell, or outflank your competition. We thoroughly evaluate each industry we cover to deliver the in-depth qualitative insights and significant quantitative data you need to make critical business decisions.

Drawing on domain experts whilst leveraging the same proprietary market intelligence and empirical data used by our Investment Research group, we create up-to-date syndicated and custom reports. From broad industry trends to specific event reporting, we present impacting qualitative and quantitative intelligence, while meeting the most ambitious timelines.

Telecom Market Research

Hamilton and Jacobs look at the market from every angle in incredible detail. Our professionals leverage some of the same proprietary data sources and know-how as our Investment Research division, which informs investment strategies for some of the world’s largest and most well-known investment managers.

We triangulate information from multiple proprietary sources and combine it with point-of-sale data to deliver unique, actionable insights no other provider can match. If its a case of deciding how or when to bring a new product to market, expand your workforce, acquire or divest, Bluebay Management can help by offering access to the right expertise and relevant insights at the right time.

Look deeper

Our technologically innovative process replaces common beliefs and subjective deductions with hard, empirical insights derived from statistically applicable real-time data from diverse sources.

Translate results into actions

If you have specific needs affiliated to any aspect of your business, or wish to commission a single-client, customized report, Hamilton and Jacobs project management team will work with you to develop and program a questionnaire, collate survey results, and interpret the data.

Consumer Market Research

Hamilton and Jacobs Consumer Market Research gets to the heart of performance, allowing you to access unique data to compare a company’s sales trends to competitors, as well as measuring customer loyalty and spending patterns, track sales numbers before or after particular events, and gain deep insights into the impacts of strategy shifts.

When assessing corporate performance, we gather anonymized spending data from millions of consumers and track billions of transactions from tens of thousands of specialised merchants across the globe. Our world-class data scientists and analysts work hard to turn consumer and other data sets into high-quality researched information for some of the most well-known investment firms in the world.

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